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To increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint, a new version of the EU energy label for appliances was being introduced. Since 1 March 2021 the new energy label is applicable for the following four product categories:
fridges and freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, and television sets.


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A product showing an A+++ energy efficiency class may, for example, become a D or E class after rescaling.

The new label has a simple A-G scale; the classes A+ to A+++ are being removed.

What is behind that decision? In the past, more and more products achieved ratings A+, A++ or A+++ (over 90%). A real differentiation was no longer given as it was intended by introducing the label twenty years ago. Therefore, the new scale A-G is stricter and designed in that way that very few products will achieve “A”. This is an incentive to develop even more energy efficient appliances.


How BASF could help you to get to the top of the energy label scale! 

Just choose the right solution for you from our polyurethane systems (PU) or contact us!

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The appliance industry has demanding requirements in many ways: Performance, durability, productivity and aesthetics to name just a few.

BASF offers a broad and innovative portfolio to answer all these requirements, no matter the application.


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Our high-performance materials for the appliance market:

Best in class PU-insulation systems with high productivity

Engineering plastics 

Our material solutions ensure that your products are safe and stay SMART; we offer flame retardant grades and electronic quality grades within our Ultramid and Ultradur portfolio. To meet your requirements regarding design and aesthetics we provide transparent and translucent polyamides but also glossy and scratch resistant products. Get in contact and challenge us.

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