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Performance Polymers

Elastopor® H for Appliances 

With Elastopor®H BASF offers rigid foam solutions specially designed for the commercial refrigeration industry. Especially with the emergence of the ever stricter regulations, sustainability and energy efficiency of commercial refrigerators is becoming more and more important. With the polyurethane rigid foams Elastopor®H 2000 LD and Elastopor®H 2070 HE BASF offers you sustainable and cost efficient solutions.

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Elastopor® H 2070 HE 

High Efficiency rigid foam 

HFO blown solutions for commercial refrigeration 

·        Energy efficient solutions

·        Excellent thermal performance

·        Very low density level

·        Very good adhesion to facings

·        Easy and reliable processing 

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Elastopor® H 2000 LD 

Low Density rigid foam 

H2O blown solutions for commercial refrigeration 

·        Sustainable insulation solutions

·        Excellent adhesion and flow properties

·        Without halogenated additives

·        Without any physical blowing agent

·        Low density level


·        Very low density

·        HFO as blowing agent

·        Excellent adhesion even at low mold temperatures

·        Outstanding thermal performance

·        Improved demolding behavior 


·        Very low density

·        Water blown foam (HFC free)

·        Improved adhesion even at low mold temperatures

·        Optimized surface quality

·        Contains no halogenated additives 

Key benefits 

·        High energy efficiency

·        No additional investment

·        Low material consumption

·        High productivity

·        Easy/reliable processing

·        Low scrap rate

·        Sustainable 

Key benefits 

·        Reduced shot weight

·        Eco-friendly, sustainable

·        Good demolding behavior

·        High productivity

·        Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

·        Easy processing


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