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Asia Pacific



Automotive Electrics and Electronics

Our engineering plastics and polyurethanes enable innovative solutions, which make electronic systems for the automotive industry indispensable when it comes to safety, comfort and energy efficiency in modern vehicle concepts. Innovation in automotive design is driven by electrical, electronic and mechatronic systems.

Automotive Interior

With BASF high-tech materials you can achieve modern automotive interior design. They are distinguished not only by high-class surface quality, exclusive appearance and a long service life, but also by efficient production and a service that is second to none.

Cellasto® Top Mounts

Stronger, smaller and more cost effective: Compared to traditional rubber solution, Cellasto® top mounts are volume compressible. The Cellasto® structure makes it possible to implement the axial pathways of the insert with a very narrow elastomer layer on its face sides.
We create modern and durable car exteriors that meet both - design and functionality requirements.


From headlamp housings via door handles to the roof – BASF’s engineering plastics, polyurethanes and additives offer for all exterior applications the right combination of lightweight, appearance, functionality and system costs.