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Advanced lighting solutions for innovative automotive lighting

Functionally and aesthetically, lighting is essential for automotive. Modern lighting is not only serving proper vision for the driver, but also contributing to enhance safety by adaptive lighting technology combining with advanced driving assistance systems. BASF is offering various solutions to automotive lighting from headlamp bonding adhesive to high heat resistance PPA materials along with advanced PBT & PA solutions. With BASF lighting solutions, your innovative idea can be realized. 


Lamp Housing

Lamp housing contains and protects sub-components such as lens, reflector, bezel and lamp modules. To fix whole headlamp assembly to the car body properly, good strength and dimensional stability of the component are essential. Ultradur® 4300 G series has good rigidity, dimensional stability and low water absorption which is suitable for lamp housing. Ultradur® S 4090 G series is the ideal choice when lower warpage, higher flow material are needed.


Lamp Bezel

Lamp bezel is a key component to define the exterior style of the vehicle. It is asked to have excellent surface finish quality to allow post-treatment process, ‘metalizing’. Ultradur® B4560 is a market proven product for lamp bezel to support direct metalizing process without primer. Ultradur® HGL IV has lower fogging on the headlamp lens with the higher flow flowability, which is a critical quality requirement for thinner bezel design. Ultradur® B4570 HGL LT is specialized to support laser marking process without degradation during laser during marking process for more attractive lettering on metalized bezel surfaces with high contrast.


Lamp Module Frame / Bracket

To realize advanced headlamp technology such as matrix LED beam or adaptive headlamp, modern headlamps include diverse lighting modules inside. Sub-components like frames, brackets and plates, require materials to meet various technical requirements. BASF offers Ultradur® B4040 G series to support highest stiffness for robust designs, along with Ultradur® B4300 G, S4090 G series, depending on technical requirements of sub-components. In case high heat-resistance is required, Ultramid® Advanced T1000 series, reinforced PPA grades, maintain excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability at elevated temperature up to 120°C. For heat generation issues from sunlight and lamps, Ultrason® E 2010 MR BLACK HM, black with IR transparency, provides heat management and cosmetic solution.   


Lamp Reflector

In order to capture luminous flux radiated by lighting source and beam toward the road, there are different reflector designs aligning with headlamp design. This results in different technical requirements on the material. Most reflectors used to be made of steel sheet, but to stabilize dimension and achieve complex designs, plastics are mainly used today. Ultradur® B4560 can support direct-metallizing processes without primer for metallic surface plastic reflectors. In case the reflector is exposed to higher temperatures, Ultrason® E 2010 series with a high glass transition temperature of up to 225⁰C is the solution. It can be used not only for lamp reflectors but also lamp holders, bezels and extensions under concentrated heat.

UV Hardcoat Cover Screen

The cover screen is forming the front cover of the head lamps and is essential for good light transmission. A hard coating on top makes it more durable from weather and scratched ensuring perfect luminance and appearance. Our materials are suitable for spray and flow application. The UVGloss is a long proven product in the market. RayGloss is the next generation of UV hardcoatings with further improved weathering stability.

Detailed material information for automotive lighting

» Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics for automotive lighting

The Ultradur® product line of partially crystalline, thermoplastic, and saturated polyesters is derived from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). Ultradur® types with different glass-fiber contents are available on demand as standard, including types with a glass-fiber content of over 50%. In addition to the pure PBT/glass-fiber compounds, the range of reinforced grades also includes glass-fiber reinforced PBT blends which have been further optimized with regard to surface quality and dimensional stability.

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Ultradur® lamp bezel grades works for different requirement from the customer along with direct metalizing. Ultradur® lamp bezel grades are accepted by well-known manufacturers of automotive lighting system because of its outstanding performance and high consistent product quality.

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Ultramid® Advanced comprises BASF’s polyphthalamide (PPA) portfolio which based on the four polymers Ultramid® Advanced N (PA9T), Ultramid® Advanced T1000 (PA6T/6I), Ultramid® Advanced T2000 (PA6T/66) and the long-standing Ultramid® T KR (PA6T/6). They enable the next generation of lightweight, high-performance plastic parts in the automotive industry in challenging conditions. The PPA compounds can withstand humidity and contact with challenging media while maintaining their strength. The low water uptake results in a dimensional stability of the plastic parts in humid environments.

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The Ultrason® resins are amorphous thermoplastics derived from polyethersulfone (PESU), polysulfone (PSU) and polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). They offer very high thermal and excellent chemical resistance. Applications always keep stiffness and dimensional stability even when used at very high temperatures or under challenging conditions. Its wide spectrum of properties allows Ultrason® to be molded into high-quality parts with a long service life.

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