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Asia Pacific

Helping you Drive Sustainable Construction

High performance plastics and foams for building and infrastructure projects

From innovative insulation products that make buildings more durable and energy efficient to high quality materials for coastal protection and ground surfaces, we help our customers succeed with ambitious architecture and infrastructure projects and contribute to a sustainable future.


Construction Stories

the concept of sustainable construction challenges the whole industry to come up with designs, new technology, construction methods and building materials that take into account to reduce negative environmental factors and achieve long-term energy and resource-efficiency.

With our construction stories we explore how to combine the principles of modern architecture with an ever growing need to minimize a negative impact on the environment and the ecosystem at a large. We examine which aspects are in focus, what role intelligent building materials play in this and how socio-cultural needs and building requirements can best be combined.

We show work in progress towards that goal. Follow us on our journey through the global world of ideas, concepts and materials.

Enjoy our construction stories!

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