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Sports performance: our products Elastopan®, Elastollan® and Infinergy® make the difference.

Extremely light, outstanding durability, comfortable to wear and excellent running properties – no problem with our PU, TPU or E-TPU materials in sports footwear whether you are running, hiking or skiing. Choose our PU, TPU or E-TPU and you will win the race.

You Are a Step Ahead with Our PU or E-TPU in the Midsole of Sports Shoes

Our PU Elastopan® Light Sports is approximately 40% lighter than a standard PU system for midsoles. 

It combines excellent comfort with outstanding durability, thanks to lightness and hydrolysis resistance.

Elastopan® Light Sports doesn’t require special production technology. That means it can be processed with standard footwear industry casting and injection molding machines. And on top – it is a water blown and environment-friendly PU.

Our E-TPU, Infinergy®, is used in the midsole of the “Energy Boost” running shoe of adidas. The sole springs back into its original shape immediately after impact: thanks to this high rebound effect resulting from the resilience of the material, runners use up less energy than they did before.

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Wide Product Range

We offer a comprehensive range of products with a broad variety of property profiles. Find the right product for you!

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