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Asia Pacific

SIMAC is back and so are we! – Join us in Milan or online.

We are happy to be back and present our footwear highlights on our booth. Unfortunately, we know that some of you can’t join us this year on the ground. But through little impressions of the fair and our materials for shoes we will keep you updated and give you an on-site experience. After the fair you can book an appointment with our footwear experts and have a discussion – virtually.

What to expect

After one year missing, we are doubling the energy!


Our impressions from the fair!

You want to talk to Felix and discuss the hot topics from the fair? Book an appointment with him or one of his colleagues here !

Our footwear highlights from the fair:

This year is all about sustainability and our approach to make footwear not only sustainable but also fashionable. Under the sign of sustainability we show you various possibilities to achieve a truly eco-friendly product. In this race we are all together and we are in it to win it. Our footwear materials – polyurethanes and thermoplastic polyurethanes – will leave good impressions, not carbon footprints.


Sustainable Footwear Innovations

Discover how shoes from recycled materials don’t have to break your stride in terms of quality, budget or speed of production.

Footwear Design Contest 2020

View the participants' interpretations of this year's theme "Fashion Design in the Sign of Sustainability".

Infinergy® – E-TPU

Discover how Infinergy® can enable brown shoes to move like sneakers.

3D Printing Solutions

Learn more about 3D printing materials and solutions for footwear applications.

Functional Coatings – Haptics

Innovative coating technologies for highly flexible substrates – find out more about unique optical and haptic properties.

Yet to come

We know unfortunately not everyone is able to visit us at the SIMAC, but we will bring you along and prevent you with content, so you won’t miss out. You can be excited for:

videos and impressions from the fair

a booth tour

interviews with our experts

Meet our footwear experts


Martin Baumert

Expert sustainable  solutions for Consumer Industries


Felix Willenbrink

Expert sustainable PU and TPU solutions for Footwear


Florian Fischer

Expert 3D Printing Solutions


Martin Wilhelmer

Expert Functional Coatings


David Bocquet

Expert PU for Safety Footwear



Ozan Uslu

Expert TPU solutions for Footwear


Eray Ozer

Regional Expert Footwear Turkey and Middle East


Erhan Cubukcu

Expert PU Footwear Soling and TPU Footwear Adhesives


Marta Ruscello

Expert 3D Printing Solutions


Fabrizio Rissone

Expert PU for Casual Footwear


Thomas Stührenberg

Expert E-TPU – Infinergy