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From pioneers to engineers

On September 18, 2021, on the occasion of the Award Night in the Crowne Plaza Düsseldorf, the Automotive Awards were presented for the 20th time. Represantitives from various companies have been awarded for outstanding developments in plastic parts for vehicle construction.

In the Category "Sustainability Award" the cooperation with BASF and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) have been ranked on a fabulous 2nd place for the front-end carrier overmoulding enabler technology. Both companies have developed a chassis component based on the ChemCyclingTM approach. Instead of fossil resources, an oil has been used that is made from mixed plastic waste - pyrolysis oil. The front-end carrier has been prototyped for the use in Jaguars car model I-PACE.  

Sustainability is one of the key topics in the automotive industry. With the ChemCycling approach we want to strengthen a circular economy together with our partners. The development with JLR is a fantastic project that shows how pioneeric ideas can become reality.   

Michael Prinz

Head of Marketing in the Performance Materials division at BASF

The ChemCycling® project focuses on plastic waste that is not recycled mechanically for technological, economic or ecological reasons. Together with several partners the pyrolysis technology was developed which turns plastic waste into a secondary raw material called pyrolysis oil. BASF feeds this oil into their Verbund production at the beginning of the value chain, thereby saving fossil resources. Only together, mechanical and chemical recycling can increase the overall recycling rates and contribute to a more circular economy for plastics.

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