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Balindur® (PU):  Boost your energy efficiency with our performance polyurethane solutions (PU) for Vacuum Insulation Panels  

With refrigerators and freezers having to meet rising requirements of energy efficiency, they need even better insulation. Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are an exciting answer to this challenge. The Balindur® portfolio is the go-to solution for the VIP market: Core material, panel fixation and panel encapsulation.

A vacuum insulation panel (VIP) is a highly efficient advanced thermal insulation material made by rigid core material and outer barrier film envelope. VIPs offer high insulation performance with low weight. They are the best-in-class solution to upgrade the energy label for fridges or freezers by achieving low energy consumption. They are also the product of choice when it comes to cold-chain logistics or highly efficient boiler applications. Whether you are a VIP Manufacturer or an OEM for fridges or freezers, we offer the complete portfolio of polyurethane systems you need for manufacturing resp. installing a VIP in a refrigerator.  


Polyurethanes (PU) can be the core material, the encapsulation and the fixation of the VIP within the final application or a high-flow filler between different VIPs within the final application.

Applications for the Balindur® portfolio:

More about our:

Balindur® VIP

The open-celled rigid PU foam Balindur® VIP has a low density and very high compression strength, making it especially suited to the production of VIP cores. It can be manufactured in boards with precise contours and is easy to process, compared with other core materials. Balindur® VIP is easy to recycle, which is important in terms of the VIPs ecology and economy. 

Balindur® Fix 

The standard fixation of VIPs into fridges by tapes only works well on even 2D surfaces. Evening out profiled 3D-surfaces is not possible, -however with Balindur® FIX it is. Balindur® Fix is a foamed rigid polyurethane system of a specific density range. Due to its foaming character Balindur® Fix not only bonds VIPs efficiently but also fills cavities between VIPs and uneven inliners.


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