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Cellasto® stock and semi-finished for NVH solutions and more

Making your vision a reality can be daunting sometimes, but with Cellasto® stock and semi-finished, you can achieve your ideas using a wide range of readily available shapes and forms that can be easily configured to meet your needs. 

The versatility of Cellasto® makes it a superior material for damping, noise reduction, and vibration and energy absorption, as well as braking and sealing. In addition, its broad and consistent response to compression with rapid shape recovery and long wear resistance provide effective, lasting solutions from delicate to demanding applications.

What are stock and semi-finished?

Stock is uncut sheets, extrusions and blocks that provide basic forms from which to create your design ideas. For a head start on the process, you can use semi-finished or blanks, which are modifiable, pre-formed components such as springs, dampers and bump stops. 

When it comes to prototyping and small productions, Cellasto® may be just what you need to help your idea take shape. Because Cellasto® can be punched, water-jet cut and finished using conventional milling, turning and cutting equipment, you can easily use your existing tooling to economically incorporate this highly engineered polyurethane foam into your development and production. 

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Innovative Solutions Customized for Your Designs

Get ahead of the competition by applying Cellasto® to your design ideas for reducing noise, vibration and harshness. Deliver the sensation of high quality to your customers with ease using a range of shapes, forms and densities that can be readily configured to meet their needs.

In addition, BASF’s team of experts can help your team stay competitive by taking your prototype to the next level. With experienced support for designing, testing and refining, BASF can ensure that your innovations achieve the highest quality and the safest performance.

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