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Our proven success : CosyPUR in The White Willow

BASF and White Willow revolutionizing the way people sleep 


The White Willow (TWW) partnered with BASF - one of the world’s leading chemical suppliers, bringing German technology to India. BASF has helped TWW manufacture products that comply with environmental standards and enable higher air permeability as well as breathability, elasticity and longevity through the use of its polyurethane flexible foam - CosyPUR®. These qualities help enhance the sleeping experience of customers.

The company has conducted an intensive market study to understand what people need from their mattresses and pillows. The research found that majority of consumers overlooked the negative impact of inappropriate mattresses and pillows have on their back and health over time. Back pain can affect how much sleep one gets. This makes it hard to relax and get comfortable at night, resulting in less overall rest and poorer sleep quality. In the long term, this can exacerbate stiffness or sore muscles.

Steeped in the ethos of innovation and service, TWW continually launches new products and combos designed to provide comforting support to users; latest in the line being the ‘Work From Home’ range of pillows and cushions.

Thanks to CosyPUR by BASF, the “Work from Home” range is great for natural alignment and support for healthy spine movement. It is the perfect choice to get through the workday comfortably and avoid the strains and stresses of working from home.

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