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Pilot Project: Compostable Organic Waste Bags in Berlin

Following the composting project in the Bad Duerkheim district (Germany) in spring of 2011, BASF, in cooperation with the Berliner Stadtreinigung (Berlin's waste management company), conducted a further successful practical test of compostable organic waste bags in Berlin, Germany.

The objective of the pilot project was to test in a metropolitan setting, how satisfied the residents were with the biodegradable bags and which influence they had on the collection behavior.

In early September 2011, over 21,000 households in the Berlin districts of Prenzlauer Berg and Hellersdorf received organic waste bags made of the biodegradable BASF plastic ecovio® FS. The organic waste bags make it possible to collect organic kitchen waste in an easy and hygienic way.


These organic waste bags are not intended for home composting, only for disposal in the BIOGUT organic waste bin. Please do not dispose of conventional plastic bags without the seedling symbol in the BIOGUT organic waste bins.

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If you have any questions on waste separation, please contact:

Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR)