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Elastocoast® — Making our Coasts and Rivers Safer

Elastocoast® is a novel, intelligent polyurethane system. It is a two-component binder for revetments in coastal areas and stabilization of river banks. It is so open-pored that it deprives wave run-up of its destructive energy, thus demonstrating its strength to make shorelines and river beds substantially safer. 

An ideal revetment solution for coastal protection, Elastocoast® can also be used to restore ecology of rivers and weirs. 

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The Advantages of Elastocoast® for Coastal Protection and River Bank Stabilization

  • Makes coasts safer
  • Porous and water-permeable
  • Reduces the cost of construction and maintenance
  • Absorbs the energy of impacting waves
  • Environmentally sound
  • Strong and with a long track record

Do you want to learn more about Elastocoast? 

Revetments made with BASF’s innovative solution for coastal protection, Elastocoast®, now spans an additional 820m2 of the shoreline at Gwanme-do Beach in South Korea’s largest national park, Dadohae-haesang National Park. Learn more about the project from the video!

Coastal and Flood Protection with an Intelligent PU System

Whereas conventional technology contains rigid concrete structures that can be broken down by wave impact, frost and ground subsidence, the Elastocoast® system involves the mechanical bonding of an aggregate (crushed rock or gravel) bonded with an environmentally compatible 2-component polyurethane plastic.

Elastocoast® technology

• The porous structure between the stones withstands heavy wave impact.

• The cover layer also offers a habitat for flora and fauna.

While protecting the coasts from floods and slowing the rate of soil erosion, the open-pored structure also provides favorable conditions for restoration of the habitat’s flora and fauna. Watch to find out more!



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