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Single layer, high barrier, low THF migration: Sustainable Ultradur® grades for packaging

Ultradur® B1520 FC R01 is a specially developed high flowability PBT for packaging applications. Besides the well-known advantages of Ultradur® – stiffness, strength, thermal stability and chemical resistance – the easy-flowing Ultradur® variant offers more. Combined with other grades, like for example barrier or low THF migration, it even multiplies its performance. By having those special properties, Ultradur® is the product of choice when it comes to coffee capsules.


Ultradur® B1520 FC R01 at a glance:

  • Easy flowing PBT grade
  • Food contact approved
  • Excellent barrier properties:

    OTR: 24 cm³ 100 μm / (m² d bar)

    WVTR: 2,5 g 100 μm / (m² d 85% r.H.)

    MVR: 110 cm³/10 min

  • High rigidity and strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • High stiffness suitable for thin-walled parts
  • Outstanding dimensional stability under heat (up to 200°C)
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Coffe capsules Ultradur

Our basic grade

The outstanding heat stability of Ultradur® B1520 FC R01 allows sterilization and hot filling. The shape of the stiff and stable thin walled injection-molded packaging can be freely chosen due to its excellent barrier properties. There is no need for a 100 % complete labeling to provide a barrier. The easy processing of Ultradur® enables the usage on standard filling lines. Ultradur® B1520 FC R01 is certified for food contact, which makes this grade suitable for thin-walled (injection-molded) packaging for cosmetics and food products.


Our new Ultradur® grades with even better properties!

You've got the choice:
Choose the material out of our extended portfolio that suits your requirements best!

Our new grades come with special properties. Just as the basic grade, both of the new ones are food contact materials ("FC" = food contact).

But that's not all! On top of that, they are also characterized by a low THF migration ("LM" = low migration). Convince yourself of the properties:

Protection against moisture and oxygen

Ultradur® B1520 FC R01 is the product of choice when it comes to single layer aroma sealed packaging. The well balanced barrier properties against moisture and oxygen make a secondary packaging redundant. Thus, the new capsules have great advantages compared to other injection-molded or multilayered thermoformed capsules. And on top – due to the high stiffness of Ultradur® the capsules can be very thin which is a prerequisite for economic and ecological production.


Ultradur® keeps food fresh longer

After using another material, the delicatessen manufacturer Gautschi switched to PBT tubs made of Ultradur® B1520 FC R01. In this new PBT variant, products stay fresh considerably longer, as Gautschi confirms. The excellent barrier properties of this new PBT material against moisture and oxygen also efficiently help to retain the aroma.



Our Barrier grade will keep the oxygen out of your capsule, keeping your coffee as fresh as just ground!

Ultradur® B1520 FC LM - the performance grade



THF migration

The new grade exceed the already good migration properties of the basic grade (see on the right).

Ultradur® Barrier B1520 FC LM - the performance & barrier grade all in one




The barrier properties enable a
O2 concentration level of a maximum at 0,1% after 360 days.

We offer: Our product + our Ultrasim® design calculation

You get: Less material and production costs + more efficiency





With Ultrasim, the efficiency can easily be boosted by reducing the capsule's weight!

Further possibility for you to focus on sustainability.




With our different sustainable approaches for products, you can easily save CO2!

  • Melt temperatures: 260 – 280°C, preferred 275°C
  • Mold temperatures: 20 – 60°C, preferred 40°C
  • Moisture and drying: Max moisture content granulate: 0,04%; Predrying of granulate with dry air dryer or vacuum dryer: 80°C - 120°C, 4h
  • Plasticizing: Peripheral screw speed: max 0,25 m/s; Dosing: max 1-2 x screw diameter
  • Screw Design: Single-flighted, shallow-cut three-section screws having a L / D ratio of 20 - 23 are suitable for processing Ultradur®.
  • Hot Runner: Good thermal insulation necessary, recrystallization temperature of PBT is about 202°C, therefore material freezes at higher temperature level in comparison to e.g. PP, open nozzle or shut-off nozzle.


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Cups Injection Molding

  • Measures:  55 x 70  mm
  • Wall thickness:  0,7 mm
  • Flow length: 100 mm
  • Center gated
  • Cold runner
  • Sprue gate: 4mm


Container Injection Molding

  • Measures:  210 x 135 x 45 mm
  • Wall thickness:  0,5 mm
  • Flow length: 140 mm
  • Center gated
  • Hot runner
  • Hot runner nozzle: 1,5mm

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