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BASF Sofa Bunk Bed

BASF Creation Center India launched the new design of  sofa bunkbed in 2019, in association with Desmania Designs Pvt Ltd.

Comfort has been an indispensable aspect of a sofa and bunk bed in the industry. With shrinking living spaces, the end user was constantly in dearth of effective and comfortable solutions. The need to design an innovative, frugal and comfortable solution for the end consumer was the need of the hour.

Our team identified this user pain point and designed a sleek, comfortable product with our material solutions; thereby creating the perfect marriage of a Sofa and Bunkbed.

The resultant product has unique user friendliness, elevated comfort experience and a distinguished design. It is all set to revolutionize the modern living space. 


Meet all parts of our new sofa bunk bed


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