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Biomass Balance by BASF: Building a sustainable future

To build a sustainable future, all stakeholders in the plastic supply chain must work together. But how? The biomass balance approach is a good place to start.

What is the biomass balance approach?

Essentially, it’s a choice you make to contribute to a fossil-free production of your materials. Renewable resources such as biomethane and bio-naphtha derived from organic waste or vegetable oils are mixed with fossil resources and fed into BASF plants at the beginning of the multistage production process. The resulting biomass balanced products are identical with the standard fossil products in terms of formulation and quality. You can rely on the same performance to which you are accustomed and benefit from a drop-in solution. In line with the United Nations guidelines for sustainable products, BASF allocates your specific choice of raw materials to your specific product with the mass balance approach. 

BASF has pioneered this biomass balance approach to enable you to purchase a product in fossil quality while saving fossil resources and reducing CO2 emissions. 


Why choose the biomass balance approach?

There are many benefits of the approach, including the advantage of attracting customers for your products who, like you, are looking to build a sustainable future and protect our planet.

Benefits of the biomass balance approach:

●  Saves fossil resources

●  Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

●  Drives the use of renewable resources

●  Certified by an independent certification body according to the REDcert2 standard 

●  Ensures identical product quality and properties

Biomass balance product for building a sustainable future

Can all standard products be produced in a BMB version?

This should be possible in the not-too-distant future in Europe whereas it will take more time for other regions. However, we aim to offer a BMB version for the products in the entire engineering plastics and polyurethane portfolio in the future. You can view our BMB products currently available and the sites from which these products are certified in the map below. If you are interested in getting a BMB solution for your products, please contact us.


Mass Balance approach offers products with attributed renewable content

At BASF we use a mix of fossil and renewable raw materials in our large and continuously operating plants. Unfortunately, it is physically impossible to separate the chemically identical renewable based molecules from the fossil based molecules.

Therefore, we offer certified biomass balanced products which you buy from us. This guarantees you the correct allocation of renewable feedstock to your purchased products. In addition, we only use feedstocks responsibly sourced and certified by independent third parties. 

This means you can feel confident about the integrity of your choice to use BASF’s biomass balance approach.

Solutions for your biomass balance choice

With BASF as your performance materials global partner, you can meet your sustainability goals while also delivering high-quality products for your customers. Independently certified and fully transparent, our biomass balance meets the highest credibility standards.

Biomass balanced products made of Cosypur help BASF building a sustainable future

Discover some of our biomass balanced products:


Applications: Mattresses, pillows, orthopedic products


Sustainability performance:

  • With BASF‘s biomass balance approach, fossil resources needed to produce CosyPUR have been replaced with renewable feedstocks
  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 50%
  • It is REDcert² certified
  • It ensures identical product quality and properties to fossil-based products

More about CosyPUR® 


Elastopir® BMB

Applications: Insulation materials in commercial buildings and cold stores


Sustainability performance:

  • Fossil resources are replaced by 100% renewable raw materials within the BASF biomass balance approach for Elastopir® BMB
  • With Elastopir® BMB greater resource efficiency is achieved with a substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Elastopir® BMB combines renewable resources with the same high performance and identical properties than fossil-based products
  • Elastopir® BMB as well as production sites are REDcert² certified
  • Elastopir® BMB adds innovation and helps customers to develop sustainable solutions and to reach sustainability goals 

More about Elastopir®

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