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Introducing RegXcellence®: BASF’s excellence regulatory service for Plastic Additives

The plastics industry faces growing scrutiny and regulations on the production, use, and disposal of plastics. These regulatory challenges are not likely to decrease with time and many more will follow.

Let our team of global regulatory experts support you in your quest for safe, sustainable, and compliant solutions for Plastic Additives with RegXcellence®, as part of the VALERAS™ portfolio. You benefit from our extensive experience in the plastic industry and strong knowledge of product stewardship and chemical legislation to stay ahead of the evolving regulatory trends.

RegXcellence® helps

Due to change of chemical laws in Korea, Turkey, China, and others to REACH-like regulation, a (pre-)registration in the name of the importer is a must-have to do business.

Are you interested in training sessions, webinars, and/or inhouse trainings in regulatory matters? 

Please get in touch with our RegXcellence® team 

Many regulatory documents need to be tailored to specific countries requirement and languages.

Let us know how we can help you grow your business.


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