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Irgastab® for Plastics

Irgastab® - Thermal and Processing Stabilizers as well as Nucleating Agents for Plastic Applications

Irgastab® comprises a range of additives for your plastic applications.

As a thermal and processing stabilizer, Irgastab® provides long-term durability and helps to maintain the integrity of polymer properties during processing. As nucleating agent, Irgastab® increases crystallization temperature and improves the mechanical properties.



Protection for Plastic Applications

  • Maintain polymer properties and performance during processing and end use applications
  • Increases production output
  • Improves mechanical properties
  • Enables weight reduction for finished plastic parts

Irgastab® products range are advanced stabilization solutions for the processing of polymers in specific and drastic conditions. They enable to maximize polymer properties retention and are optimized to avoid discoloration phenomena.