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Flamestab® for Plastics

Flamestab® - Flame Retardant in Polyolefin Applications

Flamestab® is a flame retardant for the textile and fiber as well as for the construction industry. It can be used for nonwoven applications such as construction fabrics, in artificial turf for indoor and outdoor PP monofilaments and tapes as well as for applications using polypropylene fibers.  


Boost your performance in regards to flame retardancy

  • Reduces flammability
  • Fulfills stringent regulations
  • Is active at low concentrations
  • Is easy to process in fiber-spinning & spunbond nonwoven
  • Does not reduce physical mechanical properties
  • Provides UV and thermal stability in addition to flame retardancy

Fire regulations become more stringent and demand is increasing for alternatives to halogen-containing products for flame retardant applications.

BASF’s Flamestab® meets highest safety standards and can be used in a variety of applications.

Highly skilled technical experts enable BASF to support our customers to determine the accurate dosage and combination for their specific requirements.