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Irgastec® for Plastics

Irgatec® - Rheology Modifier for Plastic Applications

A novel polymer modifier for polypropylene. It allows a controlled degradation of polypropylene during extrusion processing and significantly increases the melt flow rate.



Rheology modifier for controlled degradation of polypropylene

  • Very efficient melt flow rate increase (viscosity reduction)
  • Alternative to peroxides
  • Narrower distribution and finer fibers in nonwoven structures
  • Distinctly better barrier properties of m-layer in nonwovens
  • Better mechanical properties of nonwoven structures at lower cost

It is recommended for the controlled degradation of a low melt flow polypropylene, typically a spunbond grade(MF = 20 to 35 g/10 min), to a high melt flow grade, as required for the PP meltblown spinning. It is directly added into the extruder of a meltblown beam.