全球首款发泡热塑性聚氨酯 (E-TPU)


Infinergy® ‒ 小颗粒,大潜力

Infinergy® 是全球首款发泡热塑性聚氨酯 (E-TPU)。闭孔弹性颗粒泡沫完美结合了 TPU 材料的特性和泡沫的优点,使产品轻巧又富有弹性。

弹性颗粒泡沫 Infinergy® 重量轻、机械性能优越并且经久耐用,可以应用在任何地方。Infinergy® 面板可在标准纵切机、模具切割机和水刀切割机上进行加工。



At the core of a revolutionary bicycle saddle

Young Woman Running On Treadmill In Gym

A treadmill that elevates your workout

Taking airless tires to the next level

Playing it safe - Infinergy for pet toys

A better base for playgrounds and sports flooring

Solid safety shoes for demanding work

Comfortable soles for occupational and brown shoes

Comfort for insoles

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