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    The Foundation for Your Success – BASF Materials for Construction

      Public buildings, industrial and office buildings play a key role in our economic and social environment. With our products for the construction sector, we help to make commercial buildings energy-efficient, more durable and economic.

      Many branches of industry depend on quick, reliable and flexible solutions in the construction sector. We supply you with the materials for efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective new and modernized buildings. In doing so, we offer architects and planners greater scope for creativity and design.

      PU for Insulation of commercial and industrial buildings

      High-performance PU foams like Elastopor® and Elastopir® permit flexible planning, are easy to install and have wide-ranging uses – from roofs and walls down to the floor. With intelligent sandwich technology, it is possible to comply with today's standards in anything from normal industrial shops through to all parts of the cold chain, from refrigerated vehicles and containers through to cold stores. Insulation panels with a polyurethane core in sandwich elements for facades and roofs achieve the optimal combination of thermal insulation and excellent mechanical and physical properties – an advantage for manufacturers and consumers and an active contribution to climate protection. High insulation performance, eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness plus a broad range of applications are the telling features of the insulating materials Styrodur®, Styropor® and Neopor® that not only promote energy savings and thermal comfort, but also extend the service life of buildings.

    © ROMA Dämmsysteme, Germany.

    © ROMA Dämmsysteme, Germany.

    © ROMA Dämmsysteme, Germany.

      PU for air-conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems

      In the air conditioning and ventilation sector, PU construction elements also impress with their low thermal conductivity and their exceptionally high standards of hygiene. Well-heated industrial shops also need effectively insulated sectional and industrial doors – so that the heat stays at the workplace and energy loss doesn't send costs spiraling. With the professional thermal insulation of the roller shutters and garage doors of private homes, the garage becomes a thermal buffer for the house as a whole.

      Refrigerated vehicles and Containers

      Sandwich elements with PU core facilitate high density and outstanding thermal insulation which is continuous and free of thermal bridges. For refrigerated vehicles and and containers as well as shipping containers it helps you save energy and prevents breaks in the refrigeration supply chain.

      Room Acoustics

      For the interior, we have a tailor-made system for improving the room acoustics: for the construction sector, industry, air conditioning and heating technology. Thanks to its high sound absorption, Basotect® is the ideal material for sound absorption in buildings. Highly developed composite slab absorbers made of Basotect® are a modern form of resonance-type swinging systems which can be customized to perfectly meet clients’ individual sound absorption requirements.

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