Plastics for Furniture

Comfort and design flexibility is the name of the game for furniture

Aesthetics, stability and a lot of design possibilities – these are but a few of the advantages to designing and manufacturing furniture with BASF flexible foams and engineering plastics.

Our flexible foams are uniquely versatile. They can be molded into any size or shape and to any level of softness or firmness demanded. The foams are light, durable and retain their shape despite heavy use.  Our engineering plastics such as Ultramid SI, are uniquely surface-enhanced so you get the best of both worlds – the sleek, sophisticated look combined with the toughness, abrasion resistance and bending modulus you need for creative design. Whether it’s furniture for the home or office, BASF has material and design expertise that can help our customers find a solution that fits their need.   

Versatile Application Range

The application are as manifold as the properties of our products: Explore the various application possibilities!

Furniture Fittings Kitchen
Furniture fittings

Whether you manufacture hinge systems for furniture, lift systems for kitchens or pull out systems for drawers, our engineering plastics will ensure you  the highest possible quality.
Home furniture design
Home Furniture

We offer furniture manufacturers the versatility to implement any style in meeting customer demands for design diversity. 
Resistant office Furniture
Office Furniture & public seating

The requirements of the office furniture industry are high.  
People, family and morning concept - happy child with parents waking up in bed at home
Bedding Furniture

A good night’s sleep begins with the right mattresses and pillows.


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