Performance Polymers
Performance Polymers

Slim solutions with SLENTITE®:
The high-performance insulation material for all climates

Architects, designers and building owners are constantly looking for new materials for the design of attractive buildings and insulating them efficiently. With a totally new high-performance insulating material, BASF is pointing the way forward. SLENTITE® is a unique new product currently in the commercialization phase.

SLENTITE® Features

  • Slim, efficient insulation
  • Robust, strong PU aerogel panel
  • Lambda: λ=0.018 W/m • K
  • Water vapour permeability: µ=8
  • Excellent moisture regulation
  • Design freedom

SLENTITE® is the first purely polyurethane-based aerogel ever to be produced. The heavy-duty aerogel insulation panel, which consists of around 90 percent air and is breathable, permits insulation up to 50 percent slimmer than conventional materials– for maximum efficiency combined with high aesthetics.

As a pioneering high-performance insulation material, SLENTITE®’s open-porous structure creates a pleasant indoor climate and helps to cut energy costs.

With a very low lambda value of 18 mW/mx ● K and a thickness of only 15mm, SLENTITE® achieves the best insulation performance to date for a finished, stable insulation board. This means: high energy saving potential and thus an important contribution to climate protection and future-oriented building concepts.

SLENTITE<sup>®</sup> room
SLENTITE<sup>®</sup> Plattenstapel
SLENTITE<sup>®</sup> room

SLENTITE® – a panel for demanding applications

SLENTITE® is extremely space-saving and can be used especially as interior insulation for energetic renovation of old and existing buildings as well as for modern architecture and new buildings. It is very easy to work with without dust: Sawing, milling, cutting, drilling and gluing are no problem. The clean, dust-free panels can simply be cut on site and brought directly to the wall or coated in advance. This opens up many design possibilities for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the unique combination of product properties, SLENTITE® enables extremely space-saving insulation and, as a result, space savings in both the construction and transport sectors.

BAKA Award

SLENTITE® in action

The first practical test is in progress in Hamburg. In a period villa dating back to 1937, SLENTITE® is demonstrating its applications in specialized areas. Thanks to its exceptional insulation value, the material can be installed in thicknesses of between 10 and 15 mm and is thus ideally suitable for radiator recesses, confined installation spaces between windows and walls, and complete walls. The openporous structure of this PU aerogel ensures effective moisture regulation even in cellar rooms and thus creates the conditions for a pleasant interior climate and customized climate management.

SLENTITE<sup>®</sup> room

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SLENTITE<sup>®</sup> Beton

Slim concrete facades create extra space

The use of new materials in combination with renewable energies is the secret of success for the housing of the future. In a pilot project in Leipzig, a house is being built with a hybrid load-bearing structure of carbon concrete and reinforced concrete. To achieve particularly slim wall construction, the new SLENTITE® and SLENTEX® high-performance materials can be used to create an insulating layer between the layers of concrete, reducing the wall thickness by up to 50 percent over conventional insulation materials. Slimming down the exterior wall significantly facilitates not onlynew aesthetic approaches, but also a gain in space, which is becoming increasingly precious in inner-city building.

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Solid Air

After many years of research, BASF has developed a new chemistry of insulation: SLENTITE® is a high-performance insulating material based on an organic aerogel that consists of 90 percent air. CORPUS has accompanied chemist and inventor Marc Fricke from the very beginning.

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The applications are as manifold as its product properties: Explore the various application possibilities of SLENTITE®!

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Anyone insulating his walls with super-slim SLENTEX® mats is sure to benefit for years to come in terms of energy efficiency, thermal conductivity and home comfort. Do you want to build a new house or upgrade an existing one? Then SLENTEX®, the new high-performance insulating material, is the ideal choice.

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