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Space and Savings No Longer at Odds

Learn how SLENTITE®, a new aerogel panel that is half the width of conventional insulation, is good news for architects and engineers alike by making aesthetics and insulation no longer mutually exclusive.

Saving money and conserving energy usually top the list when people give their reasons for fitting insulation in their homes or offices. With climate change, rising energy prices and urbanization all posing huge challenges for future building projects, how the latter are insulated will be a major influence, not just on our comfort but also our climate. However, in the past, priorities such as these have regularly had designers and architects wringing their hands in dismay. For, as conventional wisdom would have it, that which is practical and environmentally friendly is not always beautiful, neat or aesthetically pleasing.


Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of SLENTITE®, a new aerogel panel, which is half the width of conventional insulation, but offers the same low-thermal conductivity and moisture regulation. It owes its slender physique to a nano-porous structure – tiny holes in the heavy-duty panel structure. These make it an excellent source of both insulation and climate comfort. SLENTITE® also offers architects and house builders a huge amount of freedom, whether designing new buildings or modernizing old ones. This means aesthetics and insulation are no longer mutually exclusive, which is good news for architects and engineers alike. But the benefits aren’t limited to just buildings.

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