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    Ultrasim® – CAE Competence for Your Innovative Components

      Ultrasim® is the versatile and flexible CAE competence for your innovations using BASF plastics. Our calculation of component concepts on a virtual basis starts with appropriate materials and adequate material models, ranging from the virtual prototype and ideal manufacturing process to the finished mass-produced component.

      What is Ultrasim®?

      With Ultrasim® you can tailor your components for specific requirements – for efficient, lightweight components subject to high levels of stress and for your long-term market success.

      The Building Blocks of Ultrasim®

      The modern calculation of thermoplastic components makes high demands on the developer. In the context of manufacturing process, part geometry and material only an integrated approach can lead to the ideal component.

      Plastics reinforced with short glass fibers in particular have anisotropic properties depending on how the fibers perform in injection molding. Modern optimization methods support the part design and can improve it in every phase of its development. A completely new numerical material description can take into account the typical characteristics of the plastic in the simulation.

    The Solution: Ultrasim®

      With Ultrasim®, we offer you a unique combination of core CAE tools so that each phase in the development of a component can be monitored virtually.

    Integrative Simulation, Material modeling

    Thermo-mechanical modeling

    Fatigue models

    Mechanical material data

    Polyurethane foaming simulation

    Static mechanical simulation

    Dynamic mechanical simulation

    Rheological material data

    Mathematical parts optimization

    3D printing simulation

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    How Can Ultrasim® Help you?

      Are you looking for a way to calculate your component correctly AND with the ideal material? Then Ultrasim® is the key to your success.

      As our strategic partner, you can use this application bonus in each development phase of your demanding components made of our thermoplastics. Set the trends in your business with us – Ultrasim® can be a pivotal factor.

    Where will Ultrasim® be Used?

      When it comes to freedom of design and cost savings, plastics are often the solution.

      We are more than a raw material manufacturer that can supply innovative plastics that meet time and quality requirements. Ultrasim® is an important building block in a flexible business model that can be tailored to individual customer requirements. Weight and cost savings are just as important in the automotive industry as in the electrical/electronics sector and many other industries – Ultrasim® can make it happen quickly and reliably.

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