CORPUS Magazine

About CORPUS Magazine

In the shaping of our future, we are faced with a multitude of exciting challenges. What answers will architecture find to changing needs; and how will we build and live in the coming years? How do we create a dependable infrastructure that provides for us, protects us, and connects people and places? How can our cities, despite rising populations, be a hospitable home for all and, at the same time, for each individual?

CORPUS, the digital magazine from Performance Materials, scours the globe for answers to these questions– and in doing so talks to experts, accompanies projects, and showcases ideas, visions and new approaches. Through its reports, features and interviews, CORPUS opens a small window to the future of construction.

»Most of us are faced with the same questions when it comes to shaping the future. And CORPUS aims to find answers to these questions.«

Jesper Bjerregaard,
Director Marketing Construction,
Performance Materials at BASF