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California Comes to Berlin

It all started when Lars Triesch, a young design publisher in Berlin, fell in love with the architecture of the American star architect Ray Kappe. From then on, everything revolved around building a house in Berlin in the Mid-Century Modern style based on the designs of the Californian model. 

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More Space for Community

Every city is not only space, infrastructure and architecture, but above all social fabric. Which is reason enough to look at it from this point of view as well. We talk to Christine Hannemann, professor of the Sociology of Architecture and Housing at the University of Stuttgart, about the challenges facing our cities, new ways of living, and the changes in store for us. A new installment of the City of the Future series.

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Designing for the Future: Harmony of Health, Home and the Environment

Derek Satnik, Vice President of S2e Technologies, and developer of smart communities in Canada discusses designing sustainable living for a healthy relationship between people and planet.

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The Sky’s the Limit - The Finalists of the International Highrise Award

High-rise construction has been experiencing a genuine renaissance for some time now. This is not surprising, since building land is precious in the growing cities around the globe. But what is state-of-the-art in high-rise construction? This question is answered by a look at the list of finalists for the International Highrise Award, which in 2020 comprises three buildings in Europe and two in Asia.

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To be an architect is an enormous privilege

The renowned Pritzker Prize was again awarded in Chicago at the beginning of March. This year the highest international award for architecture went to the two Irish women Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara from Grafton Architects. Our picture gallery provides an insight into their work.

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Eco-architecture: Facade for butterflies

Buildings are still thought of almost exclusively from a human perspective. There are only a few small oases for other species - an insect hotel in the back of the garden or a beehive on the city roof. What is possible when whole ecosystems are integrated right from the start is shown by a planned residential building for the New York district of Nolita: it is to provide a home not only for people but also for monarch butterflies. BASF helped develop the special facade.

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Greener Buildings for Everyone

Greener Buildings for EveryonAcross the world, evidence is growing that green buildings bring multiple benefits. On occasion of the World Green Building Week CORPUS spoke with James Drinkwater, Director of the World Green Building Council’s Europe Regional Network.

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Hardworking facade

Hamburg is home to the world's first house to supply itself with energy via a façade of photobio collectors. Inside, microalgae produce biomass and heat. Can this be an answer to tomorrow's energy challenges?

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Going high

At the beginning of November, trend-setting residential and commercial buildings will once again be awarded the International Highrise Award in Frankfurt's Paulskirche. The finalists have already been announced - our picture gallery shortens the time to the decision.

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Innovating in an ideal world

Sustainable architecture is Stefan Behnisch’s hallmark. He and his international team realize projects worldwide without neglecting the cultural, geographical or political contexts. The celebrated architect granted CORPUS insights into his work.

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Challenging: Sustainable architecture in 3D

3D printing in architecture offers many possibilities - but the technology is still in development. CORPUS talks to Hans Vermeulen, CEO of Aectual and DUS Architects about future prospects and the company's involvement in construction processes.

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From a stadium to urban development

Feyenoord City in Rotterdam is no run-of-the-mill architecture project. Germinating from the commission to build a new soccer stadium, a masterplan has been submitted by the architects of OMA for the revitalization of an entire urban quarter. CORPUS talked to David Gianotten, the architect in charge.

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New Standards

There’s a trend toward micro-housing strategies for living in limited space. And these are urgently needed in cities owing to the shortage of space and high square meter prices. They make possible the dream of living in one’s own four walls, a sense of self-sufficiency or minimalism tailored to the dweller’s personal aspirations – depending on the personal life situation. 

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Renaturing architecture: Biophilic Design for a healthier and more productive life

The more urban our lives become, the more we lose contact with nature. CORPUS met Designer and architect Oliver Heath, who explains, how Biophilic Design can improve health and well-being.

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Two rooms for the future

Does quality of living depend on the size of the home? No, it doesn’t, if we are to believe the architects of CBAG studio. They’ve redesigned the two rooms of a Berlin family’s apartment in a bid to optimize the available space.

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Artfully serious – Balkrishna Doshi receives 2018 Pritzker Prize

Professor Balkrishna Doshi has been selected as the 2018 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate: 90 year old Doshi is the first Indian architect awarded with the prize, known internationally as architecture’s highest honor.

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The best of both worlds

Former biology student Doris Sung experiments as an architect with thermobimetal and draws inspiration from the protection mechanisms of the human skin. In this interview, she talks about the fascinating potential that this yields for facades and climate management.

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Minimalism in Miami

Chad Oppenheim’s designs seek the perfect balance between art and economy. With profound respect for the environment, the celebrated architect creates designs that are both beautiful and functional. CORPUS takes a look around Miami where his career began.

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Out of the box

It is the most publicized private construction project of recent years in Northern Ireland. How Patrick Bradley achieved the impressive feat of converting his lifetime design into a residence – fully integrated into its natural environment and its owner’s home territory.

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Living in a box

When accommodation becomes scarce and barely affordable in urban centers, new ideas are called for. Like those of the architect Travis Price: Using decommissioned freight containers, he has designed a residence hall for up to 24 students in the heart of Washington’s university neighborhood.

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New energy for a residential complex

The Brunckviertel, a residential complex in Ludwigshafen, Germany, underwent a complete energy upgrade about 10 years ago. But what is life like in highly insulated buildings? And has the insulation system delivered the promised savings? A comprehensive evaluation provides the answers.

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Cutting-edge thermal insulation:
Neopor® Plus

For many years, Neopor® has been a tried-and-tested product for efficient thermal insulation on buildings. BASF has now upgraded this "classic" and in 2010 launched Neopor® Plus for the production of efficient external wall insulation systems in Europe, followed by the recent market launch of Neopor® Plus GPS in North America.  

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