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CORPUS, BASF’s magazine devoted to architecture, infrastructure and high-performance construction materials has moved from app to web. As of now we will be supplying you with exciting and inspirational stories from the world of construction. Have a look and discover how we will live and build tomorrow.


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An article about smart surfaces

Ideas and Solutions

An article about building with high-performance materials to solve new challenges and creating better homes for the next generation


An article about micro-apartments somewhere in a crowded city in need of new living space, due to a growing urban population looking for big city lights

An article about mobility in a smart city 

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Research and innovation are what really drive our company. We create chemistry for a sustainable future. SLENTITE® is a perfect example of how sustainability and innovation come together. With this new generation of thermal insulation materials, we can really bring some unique value to the market.

Dr. Volker Schaedler
Vice President, PU Research, BASF Polyurethanes GmbH

Especially if the historical character of an old building is to be preserved, there is currently no more efficient product than Slentite.

Dr. Marc Fricke
Project Manager Slentite, BASF Polyurethanes

Ideas and Solutions