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After many years of development, BASF is attending “Fensterbau Frontale” in Nürnberg. Together with cooperation partner Beck+Heun it is presenting its high-performance insulation material SLENTITE® in a specific application for the first time.

Roller shutter and venetian blind boxes equipped with SLENTITE® achieve outstanding insulation – irrespective of the wall’s construction and dimensions.

Together with cooperation partner Beck+Heun, BASF developed possible applications for its novel PU Aerogel SLENTITE®. What better place to present them than Europe’s biggest trade show for windows, doors and facades? 

Cooperation firstly involves using SLENTITE® as a wedge-shaped element between the window profile and the wall to eliminate thermal bridges. It can be fitted internally or externally, no matter whether the window is made of plastic or wood, for example. At the same time, the dimensions of existing window reveals can be reduced further, as SLENTITE® insulation panels are extremely slim. A genuine benefit that pays off particularly in the energy upgrade of old buildings where often every centimeter counts. Even the roller shutter and venetian blind boxes from Beck+Heun can be improved further with SLENTITE®.

For in energy-efficient house building, it’s the details that make a difference. Roller shutter boxes equipped with SLENTITE® ensure outstanding thermal insulation irrespective of the wall’s construction and dimensions. In the construction sector, the properties of SLENTITE® offer totally new possibilities. The innovative material is produced as a heavy-duty panel that, with a lambda value of 17 mW/m • K, displays exceptional insulation performance. Thanks to its open-porous structure, the material regulates moisture and thus ensures a pleasant climate in the home. With the initial findings from their cooperation, BASF and Beck+Heun are showing how SLENTITE® can contribute to sustainable construction and customized climate management.

SLENTITE® eliminates thermal bridges, prevents damage, and raises home comfort to a new level.

Dr. Marc Fricke
Project Manager SLENTITE®, on the possible applications developed in cooperation with Beck+Heun


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Thermal insulation has an important role to play to conserve resources. Efficient insulation reduces energy costs and has a positive impact on the carbon footprint. As a heavy-duty panel SLENTITE® combines low thermal conductivity with an open-pored structure – an insulating material to be used in new buildings as well as in modernized ones. Sample quantities for joint customer projects are being produced in the pilot plant at BASF in Lemförde.

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