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BASF Supports Flood Protection in Thailand

The ecological restoration and revitalization of rivers is an important topic worldwide when it comes to the sustainable protection of an environment modified by humanity. In few areas can the effects of intervention in the natural environment be witnessed as clearly as in flood protection, since straightened and modified rivers are particularly susceptible to flooding and the associated flood damage. In Thailand a project is now showing how open-porous and water-permeable river restoration solutions from BASF are encouraging new vegetation in and by the water and thus bolstering the restoration of the ecological balance.In cooperation with the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT), the Thailand Global Warming Academy (TGWA), and SBB Co., Ltd., BASF is aiming to conduct river renaturation and environmental improvement projects. Thailand’s rivers regularly cause flooding, in some cases serious. It is hoped that the combined efforts of international experts and the use of new solutions will now improve flood protection long-term. BASF and SBB are making the necessary technologies and materials available. The two companies have been working together on measures to prevent flooding and erosion since 2010. The open-porous and water-permeable river restoration solutions from BASF encourage natural water purification and recolonization by plants, thus promoting not only the restoration of the ecological balance, but also flood protection particularly in towns. Solutions like Elastocoast® can provide sustainable protection in coastal regions as well.

Last Update July 8, 2020