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Paving the Way for the Future of Construction: BASF Architects Day


The BASF Architects Day was held in cooperation with the trade magazine DETAIL in Cologne on March 8, 2018 – the kick-off for a series of events in German cities to be held annually from now on and targeted mainly at architects and designers. The focus is on the future of construction. In workshops, architects and BASF experts from the construction industry presented sample reference projects and solutions concerned with light control, insulation, concrete façades, and floors. In the field of energy efficiency, visitors had the chance to discover the scope of customized climate management with the two high-performance insulation materials SLENTITE® and SLENTEX® and insulation products like Neopor® expandable polystyrene (EPS), one of the most cost-effective solutions for façade insulation. The other subjects included a new light control system that BASF has developed jointly with the Bartenbach ‘light laboratory’ for guiding daylight into windowless rooms.

Those attending appreciated not only the exciting workshops, but also the talks given by keynote speakers that framed the various program items. Among them was guest speaker Martin Haas of architects haascookzemmerich Studio 2050, who invited visitors to cast a glance into the future and outlined ideas and strategies for architecture in the year 2050. His vision is one of adaptable buildings that autonomously respond with a kind of metabolism to the daily and annual cycles. “The BASF Architects Day creates a platform for creative and forward-looking exchange,” says Philipp Kley, Senior Vice President Construction Chemicals Europe at BASF. “We want to understand the materials and systems that architects need for the working and living spaces of the future. Only then, with solutions from our broad construction portfolio and our research, can we help them to master the challenges of tomorrow. We see ourselves as the partner for sustainable construction.” Formats like Architects Day can enable us to collectively make visions come true.

What high-performance insulation material SLENTITE® is capable of in the modernization of old buildings you can see here.

Last Update July 8, 2020