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Hurricane Strong

The #HurricaneStrong initiative has been launched to reduce damage caused by hurricanes in the USA with preventive measures and practical assistance. It is mainly concerned with human safety and, in this connection, with making buildings even more resilient to such severe storms. For its strong commitment in this area, BASF has now been commended by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH).

Together with other cooperation partners and New York architect Illya Azaroff, BASF has been recognized for its efforts in rebuilding a house in Breezy Point, Queens to disaster-resilient standard. Not only has a home been restored to its occupant, but a project has also been established that will serve nationwide as a best practice for resilient house construction. BASF’s Disaster Durable SolutionsTM program aims at promoting durable and resilient building methods – and to reduce the often devastating effects that natural disasters still have on many communities in North America. “We cannot prevent severe weather,” says Leslie Chapman-Henderson, President and CEO of FLASH, in commendation of BASF. “But initiatives like BASF Disaster Durable Solutions and the #HurricaneStrong education project are helping families understand the many affordable ways to build homes that are energy-efficient, sustainable and more disaster-resilient."

Last Update July 8, 2020