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The city becomes an artwork – the Dubai Frame opens

The biggest city in the United Arab Emirates has acquired a new building – and one that makes the city itself a work of art. Offering a new view of the city, the newly opened Dubai Frame is the world’s biggest picture frame. The building consists of two 150-meter-high towers connected by a 93-meter-long bridge. For visitors with a head for heights, the bridge offers a 360° view of the city – a walkable glass platform even allows a direct view of Zabeel Park far below. Glowing in the sun thanks to its cladding of golden stainless steel, the structure aims to link Old Dubai with New Dubai. On one side is traditional Dubai, while the new districts of the city with their shopping malls and skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa are situated on the other. In an interactive augmented reality exhibition, visitors also have the opportunity to experience Dubai’s evolution into a modern city.
The construction of the Dubai Frame has, however, been accompanied by controversy. The Mexican architect Fernando Donis, who won the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award with his design in 2009, claims the rights to the original design and the name of the iconic building. The project has now been executed without his continuing involvement, supposedly due to the lack of an agreement with the architect on construction. A legal dispute concerning the copyright to the design is still in progress.

Last Update July 8, 2020