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Woodie wins "Real Estate Oscar"

A total of 44 projects from 21 countries made it to the final round of the Mipim Awards 2019. The "Woodie" student residence in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg was finally able to hold its own against international housing projects from Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London and brought the prize home to the Hanseatic city. What is special about this project, apart from the use of wood as the predominant material, is its modular construction. 371 individual living elements were prefabricated and transported to the construction site, where they were stacked on top of each other to form the finished seven-storey building. Thanks to this process, the construction time was only about half that of a conventional construction method. "It is our goal to show that the CO2 footprint of a property can be significantly reduced if we change the way it is built," says Achim Nagel of Primus Developments GmbH. 

CORPUS published a video interview with Achim Nagel about the project "Woodie" several months ago as part of an article about Tiny House concepts. Further information can also be found on the Woodie website.

Last Update July 8, 2020