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Urban Environment


The City as a Pantry 

Urban planners, architects, politicians and residents all agree that cities need more greenery. There are numerous approaches to this. Green façades, roof gardens and the targeted redevelopment of industrial wastelands, to which New York owes its Highline so popular with locals and tourists alike. But what if it’s not just about creating pockets of greenery amid pavement, steel and glass? Urban farming is going a step further, for it aims to bring food production into the city. 

Urban Environment

A square for fresh air

To solve the problem of increasing air pollution, four young entrepreneurs in Dresden, Germany, have developed the CityTree, which cleans and cools the air of smog-plagued cities.

Urban Environment

Green building in China

There is still no end in sight to the construction boom in China. The People’s Republic is the world’s biggest market for construction industry – a status that the economic nation is energetically building on.

Urban Environment

Living walls

Architects and designers of vertical gardens create biospheric artworks in places where there isn’t really any space for greenery in classic architecture.

Urban Environment

Turning the tide on flood protection

Hurricane Sandy demonstrated that New York’s metropolitan area is insufficiently equipped to deal with such natural events. The New Meadowlands project aims to change this.