Engineering Plastics and Polyurethane Systems for engine, powertrain and chassis components

When it comes to the development of challenging components and materials for powertrain and chassis, BASF has been a globally reliable and accepted partner for the automotive industry for decades. The use of engineering plastics, polyurethane systems and additives leads to advantages like weight reduction, functional integration, improved NVH-performance (NVH=noise, vibration, harshness) and cost savings.

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Engineering Plastics and Polyurethanes

Engineering plastics such as Ultramid®, Ultradur® and Ultraform® as well as polyurethane systems like Elastoflex® and Elastofoam® are particularly suitable for components around the engine and along the chassis: With these materials, components along the entire charge-air duct can be designed, but also cylinder head covers, oil pans, engine mounts, transmission and front end carriers, engine covers, different chassis parts as well as components in the cooling circuit and within the fuel system. BASF plastics contribute significantly to fulfilling the diverse and increasing demands of lightweight construction, functional integration, acoustics and safety.

The BASF polyamide Ultramid® is particularly suited for components in the engine compartment and in the chassis as it meets further demands of the automotive industry: global specification of uniform materials from local production, tailor-made grades for different temperatures, pressures and loadings, a high product quality as well as technical support for part simulation, application development and realistic parts testing.


Specific Ultramid® Grades

Further Ultramid® specialties for powertrain and chassis parts

Computer Simulation with Ultrasim®

Ultrasim® – the Versatile, Flexible CAE Tool from BASF for Innovative Parts Using BASF Plastics!

Our assessment of component concepts ranges from the selection of suitable BASF materials and the corresponding material models to the virtual prototype, to the optimal production process, to the finished serial component. Ultrasim® allows you to design your components for specific requirements – for high-stress, efficient, and light components and your long-term market success!

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