High-performance newcomer

Flexible, non-combustible, breathable and at the same time highly efficient - SLENTEX® belongs to a completely new generation of high-performance insulating materials. Expert and project manager Dr. Wibke Lölsberg will tell us first-hand where the material can best play to its strengths and what makes it special.


The requirements for energy-efficient construction are increasing - and with them the requirements for modern insulating materials. Slentex meets them. With a lambda value of 19 mW/mK, this innovative high-performance material based on aerogels not only offers significantly above-average insulation performance, but is also suitable for particularly challenging tasks thanks to its flexible structure. For example, it easily adapts to uneven surfaces or rounded facades. Because Slentex was developed on the basis of purely mineral raw materials, it has been awarded fire protection class A2-s1, d0 - "non-combustible". The new insulating material thus combines maximum performance with safety and good handling. And is therefore ideally suited to answer current and future challenges in the field of energy-efficient construction. 
Dr. Wibke Lölsberg, responsible for the global market launch at BASF, tells us more about Slentex's property profile and the wide range of applications.

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Biography in brief
Wibke Lölsberg studied chemistry in Cologne, Germany and Bristol, UK before conducting her PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Universities of Cologne and Harvard in 2012. After this, she joined BASF Polyurethanes GmbH as a laboratory manager in the research field of aerogels for high perormance insulation materials. Currently, she is working at BASF SE in Ludwigshafen, heading the market introduction of SLENTEX.

"At only about 50% of the insulation thickness, Slentex offers the same insulation performance as conventional insulating materials.“


Wibke Lölsberg
Together with Wibke Lölsberg, a whole team is responsible for high-performance insulating materials at the Lemförde site.
Slentex is the result of a development partnership with the specialists at Aspen Aerogels.
The new high-performance insulation is predestined above all for use on facades and generally outdoors - also because of its non-combustibility.
For example, Slentex was used in the refurbishment of a complete residential ensemble in Paris.

Featured product


SLENTEX® The Flexible Thermal Insulation Solution

The innovative insulation material SLENTEX® opens up completely new areas of application for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Historically protected facades, building elements such as balconies, access balconies or entrances, uneven brickwork: SLENTEX® can be applied flexibly wherever other insulation materials reach their limits.


Thermal insulation has an important role to play to conserve resources. Efficient insulation reduces energy costs and has a positive impact on the carbon footprint. As a heavy-duty panel SLENTITE® combines low thermal conductivity with anopen-pored structure – an insulating material to be used in new buildings as well as in modernized ones. Sample quantities for joint customer projects are being produced in the pilot plant at BASF in Lemförde.

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