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Extrusion is a process where monofilaments, foils or profiles are created by squeezing thermoplastic plastics through a nozzle applying high pressure. Frequently used plastics include PE, PP, PVC, Polyamide, and  TPU.

food packaging foil

The Extrusion process is a continuous process for manufacturing theoretically endless profiles, monofilaments, plates or foils from thermoplastic plastics. Plastic granules are fed into heated screw extruders, melted, pressed through a hot, molding nozzle and then cooled down. Any length of profiles can be produced to the desired length by using sizing sections. Foils and monofilaments can be stretched to enhance their properties and then rolled up. Co-extrusion allows the production of multi-layer semi-finished products with special barrier properties. Typical application examples include food packaging, foils, pipes, plates fibers and fishing lines.