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During the fiber spinning process, individual filaments are created, which are joined and stretched into yarns. BASF Plastic Additives help to ensure a smooth process.

Colorful yarn with BASF's Plastic Additives

To produce filaments form polymers (continuous filaments), spinning processes are used. In such processes, the spinnable plastic is pressed through the very fine openings of a so-called spinneret. When the material exits the spinneret, the created filaments can be combined to a filament yarn and rolled up, or joined into cables. After the spinning process, the parallel alignment of the long-chain molecules in the polymer is not yet optimal. That is why the filaments have to be drawn to align the chains parallel to each other. Only then it is ensured that the yarns obtain their final properties such as strength and elasticity.

Carpet yarns, as well as textile yarns for clothing or stockings are typical applications of spinning fibers. The performance and durability of the fibers can be significantly improved by utilizing appropriate additives for processing and long term stability.