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One of the most widely used processing method for thermoplastic plastics is injection molding. Process stabilizers from BASF Plastic Additives facilitate the production.


In order to produce cost-effective, three-dimensional, frequently more complex plastics parts in high numbers, injection molding is the ideal batch process. In this process, the plastic granulate is melted in the heated plasticizing unit of the injection molding machine and injected into the molding hollow in the cooled injection molding tool at high pressure. There, the molten mass solidifies when cooling down, and forms molded parts with a high degree of functional integration, low post-processing work, and defined surface structures. The process is very flexible and can be expanded in many ways by using special procedures such as variotherm tempering, in-mold forming and overmolding, fluid injection technology, foaming operation, multi-component injection molding with various thermoplastics. Most components for automotive applications like cylinder head covers, charge air ducts, engine covers, but also housings for electronic components and household appliances, coolant pipes, dowels and much more, are typical examples of injection molded products.