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Stabilizers are used at various stages of a polymer life-cycle and play an important role in the resin production.  

Stabilizers for resin production

It starts with controlling reaction rates or avoiding early polymerisation in the actual polymer formation. Stabilizers do then play an imminent role in all melt processing steps of polymers resins where temperature well above 150°C are reached, though for limited period of time. Finally, stabilizers will be a determining contributor to the maintenance of mechanical and aesthetic properties of formed plastic items by enhancing their long term thermal stability, for temperature usually ranging from room temperature to above well 100°C and for very long period of time and/or many repetitions.

  • Profound expertise in the production of polypropylene and polyethylene
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  • Use of additives to avoid polymer degradation usually starts right after the polymerization step. However in some instances additives are used to control the rates of polymerization, e.g. as chain stopper in PVC polymerization.