Plastic Additives




We offer our customers a broad and comprehensive product portfolio of pigments and masterbatches for the plastics industry. Discover the perfect combination of coloring effectiveness and end-use performance for many applications.

Light Stabilization

Protect your plastics from the harmful effect of sunlight: BASF light stabilizers prevent degradation and give your plastics the required resistance: to light, temperature fluctuations and weathering. We help you to meet industry regulations and to achieve differentiation of your product.

Process Stabilization

Processing is demanding for polymers: Blow molding, extrusion, recycling or fibre processing can harm plastics. With our range of antioxidants and process stabilizers, BASF offers various solutions to protect polymers from degradation or gelling during processing.

Thermal Stabilization

BASF provides additives such as thermal stabilizers that enable plastics to reliably cope with the industry’s challenges from processing to the whole lifetime of the final plastic parts.