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Plastics Love Sunlight – with Light Stabilization from BASF

Wide Product Range

We offer a comprehensive range of products with a broad variety of property profiles. Find the right product for you!

Protect your plastics from the harmful effect of sunlight: BASF light stabilizers prevent degradation and give your plastics the required resistance: to light, temperature fluctuations and weathering. And we help you to meet industry regulations and to achieve differentiation of your product.

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BASF offers light stabilizers protecting products successfully against UV light guaranteeing maintaining appearance and properties during the product's lifetime.

Producers and consumers are looking for plastics that maintain appearance and properties during the product's lifetime: PET bottles and their contents are protected from UV light degradation. Films do not become brittle. Interior car parts maintain their color. Photovoltaics withstand exposure to heat and sunlight.

BASF is the leading manufacturer and supplier of light stabilizers for the plastics industry. Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses leading Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) and UV Absorbers (UVAs) such as Chimassorb®, Tinuvin® and Uvinul® for a wide range of polymers and applications.


Choosing the most effective light stabilizer for a given substrate depends on several factors:

  • susceptible wavelength range of the polymer
  • processing condition
  • end applications
  • radical intensity
  • geographical where the final article is used
  • expected service life

BASF has the technical and application know-how to help customers to fulfill their requirements. We support you in responding to market trends and consumer needs when it comes to light stabilization. This includes durability, esthetics, regulatory requirements, safety, efficiency, protection and recyclability.

Our portfolio encompasses leading Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) and UV Absorbers