Plastic Additives

Polymers Love Processing – with the Protection of BASF Process Stabilization

Wide Product Range

We offer a comprehensive range of products with a broad variety of property profiles. Find the right product for you!

Processing is demanding for polymers: Blow molding, extrusion, recycling or fibre processing can harm plastics. With our range of Irganox®, Irgafos® and Irgastab® antioxidants and process stabilizers, BASF offers various solutions to protect polymers from degradation or gelling during processing.

BASF's unique portfolio of antioxidants and process stabilizers

Maintain the integrity of polymer properties during processing

BASF offers the largest range of antioxidants and process stabilizers, including phenolic and aminic antioxidants, phosphites as well as phenol-free stabilization solutions to the plastic industry.

Besides the industry standard antioxidants Irganox® 1010, Irganox® 1076 and Irgafos® 168, BASF offers a unique portfolio of Irganox®, Irgafos® and Irgastab® products covering today's demand for all substrates including spezialized high performance polyolefin and non-polyolefin applications.


With process stabilizers from BASF, the shelf-life of plastics can be extended substantially

BASF has been leading the way in plastic additives.

It has been more than 50 years, that BASF invented Irganox® 1010. An invention that transformed the plastic industry by significantly extending the shelf-life of polypropylene in high-heat applications. As the flagship product of the antioxidant family, Irganox® 1010 was the beginning of a success story that has defined today’s benchmarks in plastic additives.

Our long experience, expertise and unceasing passion for discovery mean you can rely on us to deliver the solutions you will need tomorrow.