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Plastics Love Heat – with Thermal Stabilization from BASF

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BASF provides additives such as thermal stabilizers that enable plastics to reliably cope with the industry’s challenges from processing to the whole lifetime of the final plastic parts.


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Chemical and heat resistance properties play an important role in the automotive industry

Plastic products in the car, in packaging or electronics are often exposed to heat and lose their mechanical properties and esthetics. BASF’s thermal stabilizers protect plastics from oxidation caused by exposure to heat and help to maintain the desired properties:

  • Under the hood of cars, plastics are found in engineering applications such as ductings close to the engine block, turbocharger and other high-performance areas requiring excellent chemical and heat resistance properties.
BASF's plastic additives are used for electric components and wires
  • Plastic pipes are exposed to different elements that affect their durability and can cause failure, including heat, light and high pressure during processing and use, as well as the acidity of the soil in which they are buried.
  • Electrical components are designed to connect and manage all types of electric currents, from power source to end product. Market regulations and increasingly stringent requirements make high performance demands on plastics in electrical components. Regulatory concerns, flame retardancy, heat stability and operational safety have all become top priorities.
  • In addition, fulfilling the need for faster processing and thin wall design has become more challenging