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Rubber Additives

Tires and Rubber Processing

Koresin® is recommended for the production of rubber compounds which require a high degree of tackiness.


Koresin® is ideally suited to manufacturing the following products:

  • all kinds of tires
  • materials for re-treading
  • conveyor belts, V-belts
  • industrial hoses
  • cable and roll coverings
  • lining materials

Outstanding Advantages

  • high and long-term tackiness of rubber compounds made from natural or synthetic rubbers
  • no effect on rubber vulcanization process
  • physical characteristics of the vulcanized rubber remain nearly unchanged
  • improved rubber extrudability and improved resistance of rubber goods to ageing
  • better dispersion of carbon black
  • process reliability and unparalleled performance

Optimum Tackiness Performance

BASF’s customers appreciate Koresin® as it improves workability, offering optimum tackiness behavior and outstanding long-term tackiness. Koresin® prevents the vulcanization process from starting prematurely and thus improves process reliability: The compounds can be transported or stored for some time.