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    Performance Polymers Chinaplas 2019

    Chinaplas 2019 - Empowering the Future


    China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China

      At CHINAPLAS 2019, BASF will showcase innovative chemistry-driven solutions that empower the future of mobility, infrastructure, natural resources and daily life.

      This year we lead the audience via four different zones that shows how BASF solutions are empowering our future in our everyday life. From the latest atheleisure outfit to a building of the future and an innovative wheelchair and concept cars 

    What to expect at the BASF booth?

    Reinventing Infrastructure

    Refining the environment

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    News Releases

    BASF introduces the Ren Chair, a concept wheelchair to help users achieve a more active lifestyle

    X-Swift, a newly designed athleisure shoe showcases four outstanding BASF advanced material innovations fused into one shoe with the latest footwear automation technology.

    New “athleisure” sportswear designs are showing how fibers made of BASF materials can bring a unique combination of style and convenience to today’s sportswear. .

    Concept cars designed by GAC R&D Center, with advanced prototyping support from Creation Center®

      Key activities at the booth