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Material Modeling ‒ Even at Micromechanical Level

Based on the direction-dependent fiber distribution induced by the injection molding process, the mechanical performance is also described anisotropically using BASF's Integrative Simulation. The micromechanical properties of fibers and matrix are suitably homogenized for this and variably represented using a new numerical material model by means of the thickness of the component. The fiber orientation distribution of the whole component needed can be determined with an upstream analysis of the injection molding process, e.g. using MOLDFLOW software. The new material description is available as a USER-DEFINED SUB-ROUTINE for all major FE packages (LS-Dyna, PAM-Crash, RADIOSS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN). The actual mechanical FE analysis can therefore be carried out both at BASF and at the customer’s, provided that the appropriate additional BASF library has previously been installed on the customer’s hardware.

Material Modeling According to BASF

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