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The Ultramid® Advanced portfolio:

We provide the PPA you need.

For lightweight and high-performance parts to be used in many different applications – from the automotive and the E&E industries to mechanical engineering and consumer goods: the new polyphthalamide (PPA) portfolio by BASF:  

Six PPA polymers with about 50 compounds:

  • Ultramid® Advanced N (PA9T)
  • Ultramid® Advanced T1000 (PA6T/6I)
  • Ultramid® Advanced T2000 (PA6T/66)
  • Ultramid® T KR (PA6T/6)
  • Ultramid® T7000 (PA/PPA)
  • Ultramid® T6000 (PA66/6T)

The PPA portfolio is globally available. It is supplemented by BASF's simulation tool Ultrasim® and our profound experience in application development. So you can find the right material for the right part with a matching, tailor-made application profile.

Experience how our Ultramid® Advanced portfolio proves its worth
in different industries

The PPA portfolio by BASF – all advantages at one glance

  • The portfolio includes grades for injection molding and extrusion for easy and stable processing.
  • Grades with or without flame-retardants are available.
  • They are supplied from uncolored to laser-markable black.
  • There are grades with short-glass, long-glass and carbon fiber reinforcement.
  • The products are equipped with different heat stabilizers.
  • Due to their partially aromatic chemical structure all types offer good to excellent mechanics at elevated temperatures.
  • Their hydrophobic nature allows them to withstand humidity and contact with challenging media and at the same time to maintain their strength.
  • The low water uptake results in a high dimensional stability of the plastic parts in humid environments.
  • They keep their strength also in lead-free soldering processes more and more often used in the electrical and electronics (E&E) industry.  

New: BASF expands its polyphthalamide offering in Europe

polyphthalamide granulate in orange, white, light grey

On February 1, 2022 BASF will start marketing several PPA grades in Europe that it acquired as part of the takeover of Solvay’s PA66 business (former Technyl® brands). Contact us and benefit from an extensive plastics portfolio including Ultramid® One J, a PPA based on PA66/6T with very good mechanical and dielectric properties under humid conditions and elevated temperatures. For the development of innovative plastics solutions, for example for E&E applications like connectors and circuit breakers, for consumer and household electronics, and for autonomous driving and emobility.

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The five PPAs – overview:  


The PA9T Ultramid® Advanced N shows constant mechanics up to 100°C (glass transition temperature: 125°C), outstanding chemical resistance and low water absorption as well as very good tribological properties. Ultramid® Advanced N can be employed for

  • small connectors and function-integrating housings in white goods, consumer electronics and mobile devices
  • automotive components and structural parts near the engine and the gearbox
  • gear wheels and other wear parts


Within the Ultramid® family, Ultramid® Advanced T1000 (PA6T/6I) is the product group with the highest strength and stiffness and with stable mechanical properties at temperatures of up to 125°C (dry) and 80°C (conditioned). It offers high resistance to humidity and to aggressive media – outperforming conventional polyamides and many other PPA materials on the market. Ultramid® Advanced T1000 can be used

  • for thermostat housings and water pumps
  •  in fuel circuits and selective catalytic reduction systems
  • for actuators and clutch parts in cars
  • in coffee machines
  • as furniture fittings
  • in construction applications such as water distributors, heating systems and pumps

Polyphthalamide Hochvoltstecker

The compounds based on PA 6T/66 combine excellent mechanical strength with insulating, dielectric properties at high temperatures. Ultramid® Advanced T2000 is the ideal solution for parts that require high, constant stiffness and strength over a broad temperature range in combination with resistance to heat and humidity as well as optional flame-retardant (FR) properties. Thus, a lot of intricate parts can be manufactured:

  • delicate flame-retardant connectors
  • structural laptop parts
  • switches and miniature circuit breakers
  • water outlet valves and water pumps
  • fuel system components
  • actuators and sensors
  • clutch parts


Ultramid® T KR was amongst the first PPAs on the market. The PA6T/6 has a high melting point of 295°C and can still easily be processed. It provides high stiffness and strength, especially in the presence of humidity, and is at the same time the PPA material with the highest toughness. It possesses excellent heat resistance: The relative tracking index (RTI) of 160°C at 0.4 mm of Ultramid® T KR4340 G6 is one of the highest RTIs in the whole polyamide market. Thus, Ultramid® T KR is ideally suited for E&E applications like

  • quick connectors
  • switchgears or relays
  • electrical control units
  • vehicle sensors

Ultramid® T7000

The unique combination of properties of this PA/PPA blend is perfectly suited for metal replacement.

The material has a high stiffness and strength. The polyphthalamide portion leads to a low moisture absorption, which gives the components an excellent dimensional stability. The material is easily processable by injection molding, resulting in parts with an excellent surface finish.

Polyphthalamide Leitungsschutzschalter

Ultramid® T6000 is a high-temperature polyamide (PA66/6T) outperforming PA66 in mechanical and dielectric properties in presence of humidity and at elevated temperatures. It allows easy processing similar to standard PA with low tool corrosion, thus closing the gap to the Ultramid® Advanced PPA portfolio. It has been proven that the mold temperature has no significant influence on the mechanical properties. Ultramid® T6000 shows high flowability and opens up new, colorful possibilities with even white color shades for miniaturization parts with electrical protection. The UL cards testify to excellent RTI and GWIT values, the used flame-retardant is without halogens.

Ultramid® T6000 is especially suited for these applications:

  • Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)
  • High-voltage connectors
  • Consumer electronics
  • Electric protection devices
  • E&E applications

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Precise part design with Ultrasim® for PPAs

BASF’s simulation tool Ultrasim® is used in the design of parts for all industries. With customized models, BASF has further developed the calculation tool in such a way that parts made of Ultramid® Advanced grades can also be simulated. Using Ultrasim®, the physical behavior of the part can be predicted on the basis of manufacturing parameters, fiber anisotropy and load direction or speed. The mathematical part optimization can furthermore provide the best possible design under the given conditions. Ultrasim® is therefore a unique tool for optimizing customer parts at a very early stage so that they can handle highest loads. With these precise predictions, costs and time associated with prototypes or extensive mold corrections can be avoided.

In-depth know-how in application development

With its long experience as well as its technical and material expertise of engineering plastics, BASF can contribute to realize challenging applications and provide the most efficient technical solutions for PPA applications across all industries. Emerging trends in the markets result in challenges that need intensive joint discussions and learnings. BASF has the experts to engage with the relevant experts at processors, manufacturers and OEMs and thus to provide extensive information on materials, consultation on new application development and technical service for processing.

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